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Proceed slowly and respectfully in reaching out to biological family members.
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Finding My Birth Mother (Full Story)

Although you may not find a parent match in your match list, you will possibly have a half-sibling match, a close cousin match, or a more distant cousin match. Though a close match of second-cousin or closer is ideal, an adoptee may still be successful in connecting with his or her biological family while learning more about more distant DNA matches. Some of the DNA cousin matches may have additional information available for you to review online.

Additional information may include family surnames, places of origin, or even a family pedigree with names, dates, and places. When using DNA testing to find your biological family, consider the following before reaching out to them. With these and many other things to consider, what are adoptees to do when they are ready to take the next step and reach out to their biological family?

Finding information on past adoptions

Jillian was adopted at birth, and her main purpose in DNA testing was to learn about her ancestors and where they came from and to be able to put together a family tree of some sort. She enlisted the help of a professional genealogist.

DNA match lists from multiple testing companies were the key to finding her family. How wonderful and how quick. And to think I almost gave up. Stick with it! We are so happy! These past few days have been the best ever. This has been the most remarkable experience!

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I actually found my son within 24 hours of my registering on the website! They found my daughter after giving her up 57 years ago and oh how wonderful it is! I have wanted to find her for years but was afraid to as of being rejected. Less than 72 hours after joining Adopted. Found out that I have three aunts and an uncle aside from my birth mother. Also have cousins.

The site made it possible for this to happen! Some libraries have computerized marriage records indexes. Even if you don't have the minimum information required to find the original records, you're not completely out of luck. Indexes to vital records, such as death and marriage certificates have been made for some states and counties. These indexes provide you with the information you need to access the original record. Check with libraries and genealogy societies in the area -- they may know if any indexes exist for the records that you need.

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The directories listed below will help you find the current owners of old newspapers from the time and place when the wedding announcement was published. If the individual spoke a foreign language, check to see if there was a newspaper in that language, too.

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Once you have located the current owners, you can request to search the appropriate copies. The current owners should be able to direct you in your search. Newspaper Program National Union List. You can access the OCLC at most university libraries and some community libraries. To find an individual's parents' names on Social Security Death records, you must first find the individual in the Social Security Death Index.


This often contains much information of genealogical interest. You also can access the Social Security Death Index in several other places. For example, many larger libraries have the Social Security Death Index on databases. In addition, you can use the index through the FamilySearch computer.

Contact your local branch of the National Archives to find out whether or not they have the Social Security Death Index before you make a special trip.

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For addresses and phone numbers of the National Archives and each of the regional branches, see the topic National Archives. To find an individual's parents' names in the Social Security Death Index, you only need to know the individual's name.

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  5. You can usually find an individual's parents' names with their children's church baptism and christening records. The books listed below can help you locate your ancestors' church records by telling you who currently has the records belonging to your ancestors' church. You can find these books in a public or genealogical library. Depending on the book that you use, you can look up either the name of your ancestors' church or the name of the clergyman and find out who currently has the records belonging to your ancestors' church.

    Of course, if you live close to your ancestors' church, you should go directly to the church and ask the staff for assistance in locating the records that you need. Once you locate the records that belong to your ancestors' church, the current custodian of the records should be able to direct you in your search for the christening or baptism record that you need. Another good place to look for both American and foreign church records is among the microfilm records at the Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    Their church records are organized first by state, then county, and then town. Unless the town that you are searching for had very few churches, knowing a denomination will make your search easier. To find an individual's parents' names in church baptism or christening records, you must at least know the individual's name, and either the name of the church where the ceremony was performed or the name of the clergyman that appears on the certificate.