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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Remember we are closed at all locations on Wednesdays. Thank you! The purpose of this visit may be in response to one or more of the following: a return was filed, an appeal was filed, recent improvements or additions were made to the property or a general review. You can search our site for a wealth of information on any property in Mobile County. In Alabama, property taxes are a source of stable and dependable funding for a number of public services.

Flash Flooding: Check road closures and delays before traveling.

In addition to granting tax exemptions to those who qualify, the Revenue Commissioner disburses collected monies to state and county government agencies who are entitled to a share. Since , we have accomplished much in our overall plan to provide more convenience in paying and assessing property taxes. Payments may now be made online using this site. You may search for specific tax information, view maps, or obtain and ask for general information concerning property tax in Alabama.

This office is centrally located and offers ample free parking and handicap access. The county treasurer mails out tax statements to the owner of record on or after the first of November of each year and is responsible for collecting the taxes due, including any special assessments and fees. For real estate property, the first half taxes are due without penalty on or before December 20th of each year.

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The second half taxes are due by the following May 10th. If not paid by the due dates, a variable interest penalty will accrue until paid. Personal property includes mobile homes, boats, motors, trailers, motorized carts, and trucks over 12, pounds in weight.

Tax Office | McLennan County, TX

It also includes business machinery and equipment, oil and gas leases, and royalty interests, plus state assessed property on utilities, railroads, pipelines, etc. On or after the first of November of each year, the county treasurer mails out tax statements to the current owners of record.

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For personal property taxes, the first half is due by December 20th of each year. If not paid on time, then the full amount becomes due and an interest penalty is assessed.

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If paid timely, the second half tax is due by the following May 10th. For taxpayers who have not previously appealed the value of their property, a tax protest form can be turned in at the time they pay their taxes. The county treasurer can provide you with a prescribed form to be completed and returned to their office on or before December 20th of each year.

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For taxpayers who have a mortgage or escrow company pay their taxes, the time to file a protest is extended until January 31st. After receiving the protest form, the county appraiser will be notified and a hearing will be scheduled. If personal property or intangible taxes are not paid in full or half by December 20th the full amount of the tax becomes due.

The same procedure occurs on June 15th of each year for the unpaid second half taxes due.