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The authority has already erected infrastructures for restaurant and rest house and it will start near future. So if someone wants to stay long there, he should to take food and drinking water from Bandarban town. Nilachal is just 5 kilometer away from Bandarban town.

So visitor can hire private jeep or auto rickshaw to go there. There is beautiful resort in the top of the mountain maintain by the Bangladesh Army. You have to confirm the reservation through army officer. There are three well furnished cottages ranging from Tk There are also three tents having 4 beds each Tk per tent. There is also restaurant, helipad etc.

Electricity available from pm and temperature near degree Celsius.

Print Edition: February 04, | Bangladesh | Elections

Nilgiri is 46 kilometer away from Bandarban sadar. On the way to Nilgiri Visitor have to register his name and address to the military check post. Sangu River. Sangu River is the complete part of the natural beauty of Bandarban. It follows a northerly circuitous course in the hill tracts up to Bandarban. It enters the district from the east and flows west across the district and finally falls into the bay of Bengal at the end of a course of km.

This river is flowing through the hills thousands of years. It is an important route to communicate with Ruma and Thanci Upozilla. It has huge financial interests for the population of Bandarban. This river is widely used for transportation, agricultural and other necessary products for the people of remote community. In the winter season the current of the river almost becomes stagnant but in the rainy season the current becomes aggressive.

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Visitor must be attract with the beautification scattered on the both sides of it. You can find here hills, forests, falls with a river together. All the way you will be thrilled only and it is simply amazing. You will enjoy a magnificent river cruise in Sangu and there are so many spots to arrange a picnic. You can hire traditional boats or engine boats from the old Sangu bridge or from Boatghat at Kyachingghata.

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Prantik Lake. It is 14km away from Bandarban town. Volume of this area is 29 acres. Tourist can voyage the lake by paddle boat. This lake is nice place for fishing. After getting the authorities permission anyone can fishing here. Bandarban to Holudia local bus is available and from Holudia you can hire a jeep or auto rickshaw to go Prantik Lake.

There is no food and accommodation facility in near Prantik Lake. So you have to manage mineral water and food with your own arrangement. Tourists can stay whole day till evening. But in the evening you have to return in Bandarban. From Bandarban Sadar to Lama upazilla it is 70 kilometer distance. There is a government owned rest house in that area. If you want stay there, you need proper authorization from the authority.

A lot of birds are singing here and you will surely be amazed looking at the big rocks and surrounding natural scene. There is a hanging bridge over the lake and it is longer than the Meghla hanging bridge. The view of Upobon is so spectacular for snapping. Upabon Parjatan complex is just 2 Kilometer away from Nikhongchori Upazilla sadar. Nikhongchari Upazilla is about Kilometer far away from Bandarban Sadar.

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You can go there by a private vehicle from Bandarban sadar. But it will be better to stay Coxsbazar hotel or you can stay Naikhongchori sadar. Some tourist spots become popular for hanging bridge. Hanging Bridge increases the beauty of the lake with surrounding natural environment. When a traveler crosses the hanging bridge he will obviously feel the natural serenity.

There are two attractive hanging bridges at Meghla Eco Park Bandarban. There is also a hanging bridge over the Upabon Lake which is longer than Meghla Parjatan hanging bridge. Besides there are more hanging bridges in some other locations of bandarban. Keokradong is the second highest mountain of Bangladesh. Keokradong is about 4, ft 1, meters high from the sea level. It is situated in 30km away from the Ruma sadar upazilla of Bandarban in Bangladesh. This remote area is full of natural beauty. Here you can see many small and big mountains and hills.

This area is covered with dense forests, birds and animals. Keokradong Mountain is located on the border between Bangladesh and Myanmar. It is the place of surprising beauty. This natural beauty is surely attracts the mind of the adventurous people. In the winter season many adventurous tourist visit this place with great excitement. You will pleased with the dazzling beauty of green hill, cool fountains, zigzag path, hilly road side, hide and seek game of clouds on the top of the hill.

For visiting Keokradong you have to reach at Bandarban first then go to Ruma Upazilla. Ruma is 50 kilometer away from Bandarban. You should remember that after 4 pm you are not allowed to leave Ruma for visiting Bogalake, Keokradong or Tajingdong. As it is a remote area of Bangladesh, the road is not so plain. The communication systems of Bogalake become very difficult in the Rainy season. The road is still under construction. You can also go there by buying tickets of Chander Gari or Bus.

The first trip is at 9am. It will take Koikhong Jiri to Ruma you have to go by one hour boat journey. Again Ruma to Boga Lake you should hire a jeep at the fare of Tk. Two tribal communities named Saikotpara and Darjilingpara are 4 km away from Bogalake. There are some tribal groups live in this area. Darjilingpara is about 1 km away from Keokradong.

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It will take another 45 minute to reach the highest point of Keokradong and you have to walk through the hills from Boga Lake to Keokradong to go there. Remember that, this journey is very much laborious. So keep confidence. Always carry drinking water and first aid box with you.

Show positive attitude with local people and should respect the tribal culture. There are some residential hotels in Ruma Bazar, so you have to confirm at first the hotel reservation before going to Ruma, otherwise you will have no alternative passing the night. If you are fortunate you can get tribal house to pass the night. In Bogalake There is no other accommodation facility except the rest houses of district council.

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There is no mobile network, no restaurant and also no good road communication. You should start your journey early in the morning from Bogalake to reach Keokradong and it may take 5 to 6 hours to reach Keokradong. However, the sceneries of cool air, white clouds, hills, river and lake are really unique and incomparable. If you go there obviously you can get an enjoyable, delightful and thrilling experience. There are various tribal community is developed surrounding the mountain and their living styles are so natural.

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There are many tourist visits the Tajingdong Mountain in every year. For visiting Tajingdong you have to reach at Bandarban first then go to Ruma Upazilla. Koikhhong Jiri to Ruma you have to go by one hour boat journey. Again Ruma to Boga Lake you should hire a jeep at the fare of about Tk. Finally you have to walk through the hills from Boga Lake to Tajingdong.

You should start your journey early in the morning from Bogalake to reach Tajingdong and it may take 7 to 8 hours to reach Tajingdong.