What do people find most annoying

Science can't figure out why some people are just so annoying.
  1. The 4 Most Annoying Things Co-workers Do | despvagerrare.gq
  2. 2. Complaining (about everything).
  3. 15 Reasons Why You Are the Most Annoying Person on Facebook

Here, 20 people share the thing that their partner does that they just cannot stand even though they still love them. Chances are, you'll be able to relate to a few of these. She sets the alarm for an hour before she needs to be up and hits snooze 6 times. It drives me insane.

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My husband sniffs loudly and frequently. If I lose him in Costco I can usually find him by sound.


The 4 Most Annoying Things Co-workers Do | despvagerrare.gq

He swallows liquids really loud ha! Sensitivity to the sounds of people chewing and swallowing is a real thing! Look it up. He has to ask for guidance when unloading the dishwasher or putting away groceries. She chews like Lilly from How I met your mother. She makes eating ice cream sound like rocks. Eating ice cream sounds like rocks? Is it rock candy ice cream?

2. Complaining (about everything).

Otherwise, there is some cause for concern…. Me: Remember? Yesterday, when I asked when the insurance was due. Dude quit complaining about how on top of stuff your GF is.

15 Reasons Why You Are the Most Annoying Person on Facebook

He can never find anything because he refuses to move his eyeballs to the left or right when trying to do so. My boyfriend sleeps with the tv on, not necessarily playing something but on the Netflix choice screen or the roku clock. I find myself waiting until he passes out to turn the tv off so I can get some sleep in the dark — eyesour.

I can understand falling asleep to a show if you need noise, but a screensaver? No thanks. Just bite the bullet and get a night light! He wears my socks when all of his are dirty. His feet are double the size of mine and they stretch my socks out. Ughhhhh — spezdispencer. Sometimes, you're so in love with a new significant other or so wrapped up in a conversation with your friends, you don't want to stop walking in step with them. But this presents a very annoying situation for practically any pedestrian near you: They either have to slow down to walk at your pace or try to get around you often to no avail.

We all sing along to songs sometimes, regardless of our actual proficiency. However, the one thing more annoying than listening to someone's off-key rendition of "Don't Stop Believin'" is listening to them try to deliver an American Idol -worthy performance when the rest of you are just goofing off. Sure, we all have those times when bringing the cart back to the store seems like more trouble than it's worth.

That said, there's virtually nothing more annoying than finding the perfect parking spot in front of a store only to realize it's already occupied by someone's runaway cart. No matter what your job, your family situation, or your list of hobbies is, chances are, you consider yourself a pretty busy person. If you're constantly talking about how busy you are, however, it comes across as the most annoying kind of humblebrag.

Even in the throes of an engrossing conversation, the appeal of a phone sometimes simply proves to be too much. Unfortunately, this often leads to one of the more egregiously annoying habits out there: talking to someone who's more interested in what's going on on their phone. Why is it that people in offices forget their manners with such shocking frequency?

Tapping your foot under your desk does more than create distracting noise; it also has a tendency to shake whatever's on your coworkers' desks. We've all been there: You're in a hurry to get into the store before it closes and you wind up parking your car a little too close to the line in the parking lot or, worse yet, over it. Unfortunately, when you do this, you might just be the one who pays the price—in dings or scratches on your precious ride. Whether it's a forgetful habit or just a lazy one, we've all been guilty of putting an empty container back in the fridge after you've taken the last bite or sip, setting someone else up for disappointment down the line.

Reply all is a great function when you're working on a group project or delivering information to your whole family in one fell swoop. However, in most settings, there's no reason to deliver your response to everyone on an email chain—thanking your boss for your holiday bonus doesn't need to be something the whole office sees. So, you're at the grocery store and you realized that you just bought the wrong kind of bread. What do you do?

Unfortunately, for many of us, the answer is, "Stick it on any nearby shelf and hope someone finds it. We all get surprised and scared at the movies from time to time. That said, we all know better than to scream, "Don't go in there!

2) Long Wait Times

It's not always easy to know exactly what the right amount of cologne or perfume is, especially once you're used to the smell of your signature fragrance. However, if you're putting on more than a spritz or two—especially if you're going to be in close quarters with others—you're probably annoying someone. The sign overhead says 10 items!

Annoying People Who Deserve To Be Evicted From Our Planet

All you have to do is count up to 10! Why is this so hard? It's fine to talk at the gym, but taking a phone call is particularly annoying. The gym is a meditative space for plenty of people, meaning that petty argument you're having with your spouse is just about the last thing they want to hear.

It takes mere seconds to replace a roll of toilet paper when you've used the last of it. If you leave an empty roll or just place a new one on top of the old one, make no mistake: You're guilty of some seriously annoying behavior.

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Just because your jam comes on doesn't mean it's time to sing along. However, there is one greater offense out there: humming. Nobody's ever thought, "This song would sound so much better if it was kind of amelodic and had no words. RSVP by dates are there for a reason. If you're leaving your RSVP until the last minute or not RSVPing at all, you're definitely holding up the hosts and possibly guaranteeing yourself a spot on next year's "don't invite" list.

Unless you think it's hilarious to have someone else fall into toilet water, it's time to start putting the toilet seat down—and the lid, too, for that matter. We've all had that moment of realization while walking where we remember something we needed to do and it stops us in our tracks. Unfortunately, it's always pretty annoying for the person behind you who's forced to suddenly navigate around you or risk bumping straight into you. That corn kernel stuck in your teeth from earlier is annoying. The only thing more annoying? Watching you pick it out. It's not always easy to tell how loud your music is when you've got your headphones on.

The sound of the beat blasting out of someone else's earbuds, however, is never short of incredibly irritating to hear. Sometimes, you just don't feel like blowing your nose.

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And while loudly honking into a tissue isn't exactly cute, nonstop sniffing is infinitely more irritating to those around you. It's totally understandable that you'd want two armrests—you do have two arms, after all.